Kerry Crofton

Kerry Crofton is a health educator, concerned parent and member of the International Electromagnetic Fields Alliance. She is Co-founder and Executive Director of the International Advisory Board of Doctors for Safer Schools.

She is the author of Wireless Radiation Rescue – safeguard your family from electro-pollution, (Global WellBeing Books, 2010) and A Wellness Guide For The Digital Age: With Safer-Tech Solutions For All Things Wired & Wireless, (Global WellBeing Books, 2014). She is a medical commentator on electro-magnetic radiation for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine’s forum.

Kerry holds a doctorate in psychology, and her thirty-five years of professional work includes: a clinical practice; writing a weekly newspaper column on wellness issues; developing and delivering wellness programs; co-producing a television program on heart health; and directing a biofeedback clinic and hospital-based cardiac programs.