Q1 Thoughts
0 - Not at all positive, 5 - Moderately positive, 10 - Extremely positive


Q2a Health Habits Physical Activity


Q2b Health Habits: Healthy Eating


Q3 Relationships


Q4: Interests


Q5 Valued Goals


Q6 Emotions


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Take a FoH Challenge:

  • 1. Set a FoH goal: Looking at the question you rated highest, set a small and doable goal to aim for in the next 2 weeks.
  • 1.5 Take the quiz again in 2 weeks and see where you stand then!
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  • 3. Seek help: Share this website and information with your family doctor or other health professional – they can use the information in Clinician’s Corner of this website to support you to set and meet a doable goal.
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