Brain Challenge:
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When in comes to brain health, keeping our minds active is a really great idea.  The brain is "plastic" and can continue to grow, develop, and make connections from before we are born until well into old age.  When you challenge your brain with new and effortful activity, you help to build your "cognitive reserve".  Invest in your brain by keeping physically active!


Did You Know?


Ideas to Get Started!


Set a Valued Goal!


Set a valued SMART positive thinking goal from the Ideas to get Started list, or choose one of your own. Remember the more specific, measurable and realistic your goal, the more likely you are to succeed!

Invitation: We invite you to try out The Wellness App(link is external) to track your goal over the next 4 weeks. No goal is too small and The Wellness App will encourage you along the way!

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Still not sure what to do?
Learn more about the science behind Interests in Evidence section and explore these links.

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Coursera Virtual Classes - Coursera hosts free and paid courses from top educators internationally.
Virtual Arts and Cultural Experiences -Tour international museums and artists in this exhibit. 




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